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Thanks for all the great comments so far!

Few thoughts:
* is quite expensive too (15% fee) and is very small, but the idea is nice and we are preparing a profile there
* using unethical platforms to advertise ethical ones sounds like a nice hack
* there is more work to be done until a healthy system can sustain itself. Until then compromising may be necessary.

Btw, all of our guests (9 families so far), never heard of Mastodon nor of OSM, but they very fascinated by them!

@Ilarioq thanks for the tip! I did not know umap, but from what I could quickly see, that's exactly what I was hoping to exist!


Thanks for the tip!! We did not know that and we will immediately explore it!

As the fall begins, the morning view is spectacular, with fog in the Arno valley (Valdarno), crisp air, and a blue sky.

This is one of the best times to be here... treat yourself to a vacation!

Dilemma: we wanted to avoid monopolistic platforms like , or , but since two weeks we are empty.
We even offered 30% discount to Mastodon users. Sill, every day like this is another day at loss, despite this is one of the nicest seasons to be here.

We are tempted to advertise our smallest room on Airbnb.
Would you find this choice ethically acceptable?

@absinthe @plants

We had nearly the same experience as you: our land here in Tuscany was full of bushes and blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) early this year. In May we planted 50 tomatoes, zucchini, egg plants, cauliflowers, onions, corn, bush beans, broccoli, cabbages, pumpkins, cucumbers and now we are invaded of delicious vegetables.

The 100 potatoes were unfortunately all eaten by the crested porcupine (Hystrix).

#SeedSaving is not just food saving ... it is in the very heart of the centuries-old tradition and art of plant cultivation.

Next Tuesday, September 7 at 18:00 CEST (UTC+2), we put the culture back into agriculture with our first #OpenSource #Seed saving #workshop 2021 offered by Aimee Fenech. The workshop will be in English and online in a Big Blue Button (BBB) room, more information here:

The session is interactive, bring your questions and let us all learn together.

Are you looking for people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

Click below for a directory of hundreds of recommended follows organised into 56 topics:


(If a category has several pages of follows, click "show older" at the bottom to see the next page.)

This is just a tiny fraction of accounts on here, but hopefully it will give people's timelines a good start.

Please do share this with anyone you think might benefit, for example people new to the Fediverse.

We offer 30% discount to whoever books an apartment and arrives here in Tuscany by September 2021: Starting from tomorrow we have no longer guests for one week.

30% is the commission that (which we refuse to use) would take, and we prefer to give that to people on the Fediverse instead.

Finally the first rain of August! The plants were thirsty and the underground water level was low.

After few hours the sun is back already.

As soon as the rain is over, Cassio the kitten prepares a new attack to Enzo who escapes despite weighing over twenty times more... 😂


PS: On the same server runs the main web page (, a private instance of Nextcloud + Nextcloud calendar in which we keep track of the booking dates, and this instance of Mastodon (

A Python script reads the Nexcloud calendar database and generates regularly (via crontab) the html calendar on the main page at .


Voltentieri!! Avremmo sicuramente tantissime cose di cui parlare!! :)

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