Dilemma: we wanted to avoid monopolistic platforms like , or , but since two weeks we are empty.
We even offered 30% discount to Mastodon users. Sill, every day like this is another day at loss, despite this is one of the nicest seasons to be here.

We are tempted to advertise our smallest room on Airbnb.
Would you find this choice ethically acceptable?

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@morgiano I won't vote since I believe that no-one can really judge a project by this kind of decisions. Anyway, have you tried this platform?

@morgiano@mastodon.morgiano for me the important thing is to offer a real alternative and have a real presence on alternative networks.
That does not mean you cannot do whatever is necessary for you to survive; people that will book your room from AirBNB would have used it anyway and thus probably give money to less ethical projects

@morgiano advertise on Airbnb etc. but offer a discount in description if booking through mastodon

use their position against them ;)

take care about the small print though, not a good idea to burn bridges until you're sitting pretty

Geht in touch with you local tourist bureau, get listed in their local and regional booking platform. We, when looking for accommodation never use booking, airbb etc, but the smaller ones. Having a own website helps (you have one)

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