Dilemma: we wanted to avoid monopolistic platforms like , or , but since two weeks we are empty.
We even offered 30% discount to Mastodon users. Sill, every day like this is another day at loss, despite this is one of the nicest seasons to be here.

We are tempted to advertise our smallest room on Airbnb.
Would you find this choice ethically acceptable?

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@morgiano I won't vote since I believe that no-one can really judge a project by this kind of decisions. Anyway, have you tried this platform?

@morgiano yes. if you climb the moral high ground all the way to the top you'll find that (right now) there is only room for one person balancing on one leg

there is neither critical mass no infrastructure yet to support healthy decentralized digital business. its work in progress but people must survive on the way there

imho, just don't give up on mastodon and frinds and more importantly, join forces with others to develop (/ motivate) decentralized alternative platform for travel

@openrisk @morgiano

currently a lot of people on Fediverse (and other FOSS/decentralised movements) are suspicious of over commercialisation (also why Google is still better than OSM to find local businesses), on top of which they are scattered the world over (my nearest mutuals in England are 100-200km away). It doesn't help that various *unhealthy* digital businesses constantly try to spam here and also dodgy SEO marketers have already tried to misuse the Fediverse..

@vfrmedia @morgiano not my field so I would have to be cautious, but its mindboggling that millions of businesses in the hospitality space are hostage and pay massive ransom fees for "digital discovery". even a tiny fraction of that could fund very workable alternatives and people would quickly spread the word

lack of tech education and possibly mistrust for coop's the cause?

@openrisk @morgiano

I think lack of tech education is the biggest problem. People don't particularly distrust co-ops as in many parts of Europe and the World they are already used to buying their groceries from a retail co-operative, at the same time co-ops need to exceed the customer service levels of more capitalist businesses (which might not even be that difficult to do as Google is notoriously sketchy in this respect even towards big creators and paying customers)

@VioletSupernova @openrisk @morgiano

The other issue is small business owners often genuinely don't have time or skills to regularly update Internet or social media pages (even on the corporate networks), I had some work done on my car recently and was chatting to a mechanic and the boss of a bodyshop about this (both are constantly busy so any "slack time" is taken up by normal admin work such as dealing with the EPOS/billing/accounting system)

@VioletSupernova @openrisk @morgiano

these businesses spend the main part of daytime working on cars so staff don't always have spare time to take progress photos (and get GDPR clearance from the vehicle owners to publish them), which can put them at a disadvantage to main dealers who employ entire social media marketing teams (OTOH the prices of the independent businesses are far lower as they aren't paying for the extra marketing resources!)

@vfrmedia the particular benefits and pain points change a lot with each domain. But i think the stories of eg booking or uber have shown that traditional sectors that fail to implement what 'is expected' given the more digitally enabled and interconnected life will simply find their art and craft hostage to those who understand the new possibilities

@morgiano@mastodon.morgiano for me the important thing is to offer a real alternative and have a real presence on alternative networks.
That does not mean you cannot do whatever is necessary for you to survive; people that will book your room from AirBNB would have used it anyway and thus probably give money to less ethical projects

@morgiano advertise on Airbnb etc. but offer a discount in description if booking through mastodon

use their position against them ;)

take care about the small print though, not a good idea to burn bridges until you're sitting pretty

@morgiano Or we build a map on umap. Hlei (host liberi e indipendenti).

@Ilarioq thanks for the tip! I did not know umap, but from what I could quickly see, that's exactly what I was hoping to exist!

@morgiano Also a 50% ethical activity is better than a dead 100% ehtical activity.😅

Geht in touch with you local tourist bureau, get listed in their local and regional booking platform. We, when looking for accommodation never use booking, airbb etc, but the smaller ones. Having a own website helps (you have one)

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