As the fall begins, the morning view is spectacular, with fog in the Arno valley (Valdarno), crisp air, and a blue sky.

This is one of the best times to be here... treat yourself to a vacation!

We offer 30% discount to whoever books an apartment and arrives here in Tuscany by September 2021: Starting from tomorrow we have no longer guests for one week.

30% is the commission that (which we refuse to use) would take, and we prefer to give that to people on the Fediverse instead.

Finally the first rain of August! The plants were thirsty and the underground water level was low.

After few hours the sun is back already.

As soon as the rain is over, Cassio the kitten prepares a new attack to Enzo who escapes despite weighing over twenty times more... 😂

Getting ready to cook the "pomarola" (the Italian tomato preserve) for the winter. Those tomatoes smell delicious!

...and this is Cassio, our two-month-old cat, who loves to play non-stop and to ambush our big dog.

This is Enzo, our 51kg dog who should keep our home safe. In reality he is afraid even of cats...

But he loves giving the paw and getting rubbed on the belly!

we are a young couple of scientists who moved to the countryside to live in a more sustainable way and to realize our dreams.

We offer beautiful apartments in an historical tower in . We want to avoid platforms like, Airbnb or Google for advertising.

We have also a big vegetable garden at guests' disposal where we experiment .

Check us out on

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