we are a young couple of scientists who moved to the countryside to live in a more sustainable way and to realize our dreams.

We offer beautiful apartments in an historical tower in . We want to avoid platforms like, Airbnb or Google for advertising.

We have also a big vegetable garden at guests' disposal where we experiment .

Check us out on

@Gargron is this the right way to introduce an isolated instance?

@morgiano Maybe! I don't know. But that looks/sounds very tempting though!


Thanks Eugen! It is great to have confirmation directly from the founder of Mastodon! We are feeling very honoured!! 🤩

PS: we use Mastodon since a while with different aliases, and we love it. Thanks for your work!! 😍

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Have fun on the network! :)

@morgiano @Gargron What a glorious place; I have cycled through #tuscany so many times and love it. All success to you. #noagenda give this place some love.

Too bad all my vacation days are spent this year! 😢

I had a very brief visit in Italy in the summer of 2001, I fell in love with your country...

@morgiano @Gargron

wow, è favoloso! Se vi va, seguite @scambi, condividiamo appieno la vostra filosofia!

Consideratevi ufficialmente invitati all’edizione 2022.

By education physics and materials science. Now moving towards free and open-source software and hardware, and renewable energy (hydrogen)...

@Borgo Morgiano I wanted to visit when I saw the pictures, now I want to come even more. Hopefully some day!

@morgiano @Gargron Sounds really nice. I'm hoping to visit Italy again some time after covid nonsense is over and I'll definitely need to check your place for staying.

@morgiano @Gargron Sounds a lot like a math from Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem”. My brain feels all warm and fuzzy about that!

@morgiano @Gargron ciao e benvenuti su mastodon!
Ogni estate passiamo le vacanze in Toscana, magari il prossimo anno potremo fare un salto da voi, il posto sembra perfetto! :)


Voltentieri!! Avremmo sicuramente tantissime cose di cui parlare!! :)

@morgiano @Gargron
Do you know by chance the page ,as you want to avoid booking and airbnb. Greetings from ferrara stefan

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