In April the land we're actually cultivating was just a pile of fruitless brambles even higher than 2mt. We spent almost 2 months trying to eradicate them and we managed to clean enough space to plant 50 tomatoes, 20 chili peppers, 6 zucchinis and 5 melons.
We don't even have running water, we have to bring there once a week 200l in barrels.
And finally here we are: 50kg of tomatoes. No fertiliser, no pesticides whatsoever.

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We had nearly the same experience as you: our land here in Tuscany was full of bushes and blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) early this year. In May we planted 50 tomatoes, zucchini, egg plants, cauliflowers, onions, corn, bush beans, broccoli, cabbages, pumpkins, cucumbers and now we are invaded of delicious vegetables.

The 100 potatoes were unfortunately all eaten by the crested porcupine (Hystrix).

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